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Why would you want to be a notary public?

The notary public has become a haven for consumers keeping theft and fraud at bay. Millions of

Americans are opting for it. 

Being Notary might sound boring and uninteresting but holds witness to all your important

documents and transactions securely. These might be mortgages, adoption, or advance medical

records, which serve as a top priority to our lives. 

A notary is a respectable job and an excellent way to work from home, and an extra punch on

your resume. 

Few reasons why you should become a Notary

Here are few reasons which exude the importance of a Notary:



Additional Income


 Notaries are government employees, and they serve the state, but it has some perks with the

money earned. The revenue earned through the clients is the Notary to keep. The state has no

share in it. This explains why thousands of people roam around serving 'mobile notaries.'

However, most states set a limit window of what a notary can charge. But most of the clients

need more than one signature. A notary is allowed to charge for stuff like travel, supplies, and



Improves Your Skill Set/Resume

Notaries are wanted in every industry. Starting from housing to finances to medical, all require

notaries at some point. Hence, becoming one will add a star skill set to your resume. 

Notaries can serve within two types of jobs; they can be part of an office where they notarize for

their bosses and co-workers or at a bank where they notarize the customers' documents. Many

companies value employees with the notary skill set to get their papers done all in one place.

 You can have a notary course, and you are good to go!

Flexible Schedule

While every job is almost a 9-5 commute, notarization has something flexible to offer. If you

choose to be a mobile notary, then you can create your own schedule. This way, you can have

your flexibility and ease around the day with no compulsion at all.

Help your community


A notary is a respectable job for a reason: it helps those in need. You can help someone stuck

into a process he worked hard for by notarizing his documents. If you are a person who loves to

serve his community and likes to experience that serene feeling, then notarization is your thing. 

It is a serve humanity activity where you can do work for free if you feel like helping those who

can not afford it. 

If you find the above reasons convincing, it is about time you take the notary course and get


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