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Do you need business credit to launch your notary business?

You have completed your notary registration and earned a commission but wondering how to launch your notary business? Calculating the costs involved? Let us guide you through some simple steps about notary business costs and how to get started. Costs and Tips on how to get started The notary education and supplies The first and foremost thing required for the notary business is to be a notary agent. This involves a six-hour educational course which is considered compulsory. The cost for this is different in different states. Still, the minimum is $50, an official exam for $40, a passport-style photo for $10, a live fingerprint scanner for $80, some journal and notary stamp for around $40, a notary bond which expires every four years for $50 and the oath-taking for $40. This makes $300 and is the average cost which may vary according to your state. Cheapest business The notary business involves low startup money to invest a fortune. It's just a couple of stationery supplies, a laptop and a car for traveling. The client pays most notaries the traveling cost, so that is also a bonus. No office Public or mobile notaries have this perk of working from home or the place the client decides, which saves the investment of making and maintaining an office. Fuel covered Mobile notaries mean they go to different places and do the notary signing for the clients. So when these clients ask you to visit a site they take charge of your fuel expenditure. Other than these, there is no additional or extra business credit required for a notary business. Sent from my iPhone Attachments area

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