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I think when it comes to sales, the secret ingredient for me has always been having a service first attitude.

I never looked at sales as this barbaric undertaking, where your trying to convince a client/customer to purchase a product or services against or towards their will.

For me sales was far more sophisticated in nature. Sales for me was the universal love language where you authentically communicate the features and benefits of a product and or service in a highly effective systematic way that gains results. For me Sales & marketing was both an art and a science.

It’s my firm belief that having full confidence in your product or service paves the way for allowing one to hear the conviction in your tone when communicating with them in the language that’s most effective for them. That’s why for me when I’m taking on any W2 job or entrepreneurial endeavor i have to believe in the product or service I’m taking on. If I don’t believe in what it is I’m pursuing, it becomes laborious and unnatural for me to convey the confidence necessary to communicate most effectively.

The science is equally as important as the art. Figuring out the science behind most recommended systematic approaches to selling your products and services is like learning a certain math formula that’s applicable to a certain set of equations. Once you learn it and you combine it with your art of expressing in your own unique way how your products or services can help provide value to your clients- it creates magical experiences.

Putting it simply, I have to believe in what I’m doing. Learn the most effective proven ways to be successful at it and then convey it to my clients in a way they can understand and see the true value of what I’m trying to present. To do this most effectively, you need to always talk in terms of what can benefit your clients needs not yours.

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