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Credit Counseling Services

Credit Repair Consultation

Some of our most popular credit improvement service features include:

Free Credit Reports & Scores
At the start of your service with The Credit People we obtain your credit reports (all three) for you, so that we can get started right away. Did you know we're the only company who does this? That's because having your starting credit scores before we start is absolutely key to knowing how to improve it.
By getting your starting credit scores for you (for FREE) you have an advantage over any other know where you're starting from, and so do we! It's absolutely essential, after all, how else will you measure the results at the end of the service? For this reason alone, I'm sure you can see why over 100,000 people have chosen The Credit People.


Flat Fee
Don't you think it's important to know ahead of time what the cost of your service is? After all, you really should know what it is going to cost to repair your credit. Still, you'll find companies charging monthly fees for over a year, nickel and diming their clients along the way. Sadly, their clients have no idea what they're in for until they ask the company to stop charging them.


24hr Account Access
We believe in transparent work. We have spent an enormous amount of time and money creating an online dashboard for you to view the progress of your credit, the updates made, and the ability to easily connect with our credit people to ask questions along the way.


Score-Driven Results
What exactly does "Score-Driven Results" mean? It means that aside from removing negative items, verifying, and correcting credit issues, we focus on raising your credit score through every other avenue even if not associated with repairing credit. The Credit People have pioneered a Score-Driven Results philosophy that includes and goes beyond traditional disputes and interventions.


Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee
Often copied, never duplicated. Our satisfaction guarantee is bold to say the least. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, any time, we give you a full refund. Every penny you paid. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Let's focus on what will create the most improvement in your credit score...

Step 1:  Review your credit report for errors and negative inaccuracies.  Need help getting and/or reading your credit report?  Visit The Credit People's website to learn all about how.

Step 2:  Pay down your debt by reducing what you owe rather than just moving balances around.  There's ideal ways to pay down your debts with your credit score in mind, visit our blog for exactly how.

Step 3:  Build more positive credit by applying for secured credit cards, gas cards, departments card, and more.  Once you have a positive account, do not close it or other revolving accounts.

Interesting in learning more ways to improve your credit?  Click on my affiliate link below and find out how you can raise your credit score and quickly improve your credit.
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