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Do you need a website or social media presence as a notary public?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Social media is an important part of the digital world today. People check in social media before they even brush their teeth, every morning. So what does that tell you about social media? Of course, it defines how important it is.

So where there are people coming and out regularly, there is marketing success. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Why use social media for notary?

Social media is an important thing for every newbie and experienced notary thinking to expand their work. There are certain reasons why this gives a huge advantage to the notaries.

Here’s how:

  1. Enhances the brand

Notaries can extend their brands through social media. Campaigns with relevancy can hit the right client looking for a notary service. Chances are the social media SEO helps you guys meet. Active engaging and posting about your notary services and your course certifications can get your good word around. Past clients can post reviews which makes your reputation of a good notary which will attract more clients.

  1. Connecting with clients

Notary public can have dry work spans so in order to avoid them, one can tend to social media marketing to land potential clients. Chances are your potential client is looking up to you through your social media campaign. Similarly, notaries can connect with their previous clients for further work through social media.

4) It’s free and less hassle

Creating a social media account is free. You just need a good internet connection and TA-DA. Social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the most suitable to sell notary services. Linkedin allows your followers or connects to endorse your skills on the profile which creates a good image to the new people visiting your profile. Advertisement can be costly and a lot of hassle but with social media presence it can be easy breezy and swift.

5) Offer tips to your followers

Having social media gives you an ability to have a voice. Being a notary professional/expert, you can be a help to a lot of newbies trying to learn about it. This enhances your popularity and you become a trusted brand with a lot of sales.

6) Develop relationship with other notaries

Finding the people of your profession and connecting with them is a lot of learning. Social media is a platform that gives the notaries the chance to meet new and experienced people in their profession. This way you learn and teach too which is a breath of air in the notary world.

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