How to start a mobile notary business?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

When I got started in the notary business, I was actually introduced to the opportunity through refinancing my home. I always wanted to be in the consulting business because my passion has always been to coach/mentor people on topics that where near and dear to me. I have worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years, helping people and changing lives. So, when a loan signing agent began the process of walking my wife and I through our closing documents it hit me right away… This is my calling and what I was meant to do! This was going to be the career path that would allow me to use the knowledge I’ve gained working for fortune 500 and create my own business. These activities below have worked for me and the many of my notaries, I have mentored through my business.

1: Know your ‘why’

Please don’t be scared of what you don’t know and take the time to learn it. When I got started I didn’t know a thing about being a notary but I knew about loans, customer service, and the work it takes to build a business. Take the time to create a solid business plan. This will be your guide for to making sure you are on track to what you should be doing and see what’s working and what not working. Your marketing, advertising, networking, and “sweat equity” efforts should take you closer to achieving your “why”.

The more you engage in your activities and plan, the more it should illuminate your “why”. This is single handedly the most important step, so have fun and be patient with the process.

2: Find a coach or mentor

The mentorship relationship is huge and shouldn’t be understated. In everything you do in life you first had to learn how to do it first before you applied it. The better the teacher/mentor the faster and more efficient your learning curve. A great mentor is literally “priceless” and worth investing in finding a great one. Somebody that has experience with being a loan signing agent and who is doing what you would like to do and knows your states laws.

A great notary/mentor should have multiple ways they earn revenue.

3: Diversify

There are over 25 different ways to earn income as a successful notary. Learn them, explore them, and see which ones fit your business model. What makes your business different and unique? What sets you apart? What will make people call you and not your completion?

4: Consider strategic alliances

When I first started I looked at other notaries as my competitors but found that they can be one of my best partners. If you work part-time, you may need to partner with another notary that has more availability then you. There may be services that each one of you offer that may be different and unique from each other, that allow a mutual benefit.

Other notaries are not your enemies but can be your best strategic partners.

Also, look into forming alliances with other local professionals and business associations. Charitable organizations and social media groups can also be a good resource to leverage and grow your business.

For more information on frequently asked question the National Notary Association and Loan Signing Service are an excellent resource. Also if you are looking to launch a career either part time or full time in the notary industry or an existing notary looking for way to earn more money please check the affiliate link on my home page under extended services (Notary Courses button).

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