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Must Have Notary Supplies

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Must-Have Notary Supplies

Notary officers are an essential part of the legal world these days. If you are one, you would

need some necessary notary supplies to get the job done to help the public entirely.

Being a notary means being a state’s person who needs to abide by specific rules. Hence, a

notary should have all the required tools allowed by the state.

Essential Notary Supplies

Here are some must-have supplies for notary:

A Notary Stamp

A notary stamp is a uniform tool in every state. Ordering a notary is the threshold of starting

your work and is essential. When a notary passes the test, he is mailed a list of authorized

vendors who can sell/make the stamps.

A notary must keep a backup stamp too with him in case he loses his primary stamp. It is as

essential as water to a human being. Remember, the day you forget your stamp is the day you

are out of business.

Notary bond

Most states require a notary public to purchase a notary bond, which is a surety bond. These

bonds prevent people from making mistakes while performing legal actions. It is like a thin layer

of protection from errors.

The notary bond is also a type of guarantee. In case the notary attempts fraud or misleads, the

customer can claim against the notary bond’s surety company.

Inkless thumb printer

Many states require a thumbprint to secure transactions in real estate deals. There are fines for

not fulfilling this detail. So an inkless thumb printer is a necessity. A thumbprint with the notary

journal is proof of a secure notary transaction. Make sure you carry an extra thumbprint pad if

the primary one gets lighter prints.

A fee chart

It is safe to carry a fee chart along which states all the notary charges. This is to avoid fuss and

arguments at the time of payment. Also, some clients ask for it, and not having one looks


Office accessories

A notary is an official work, and it requires office accessories. It would be best if you had a

handful of the essential office accessories such as pens, paper clips, a stapler, rubber fingertips,

a tape, and a calculator. These help in different situations while signing and attaching

documents. Rubber fingertips are very useful for loan signing lengthy documents to get you

swiftly through all the pages.

The right Notary supplies are essential to him and help present a better professional image.

These are needed for the hour and save time for both parties. The right ones assure customer


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